Jimmy Vargas Huckster’s shoot.

Vargas in auteur mode, prepares to shoot muse Nikki Nouveau in her cigarette girl seduction mode, for a forthcoming installation dvd.Jimmy Varga and Miss Nikki.

Pix by Wendy Dys


‘TEMPLE OF LILY’… The Second Edition

Dark Moon Press release a reprint of the second novel in the Jimmy Vargas ‘My Shadow Bride’ series, entitled ‘TEMPLE OF LILY’ (REQUIEM). The extended book contains twenty five bonus chapters not included in the 2011 edition.

The novel is set in Los Angeles 1947, interweaving a fascinating narrative of a Hollywood crooner-racketeer Jimmy Vargas, and a refugee from war torn Florence, one Maria Salvez, during  the tumultuous era of the post war nineteen forties, who becomes a contracted star-icon with glitter gulch movie company Eagle Lion, through the machinations of a  WW2 hero priest ‘The Parachutin’ Padre’ to create his own catholic cult to offset the rise of Communism in the U.S.A.temple_lily


My Shadow Bride (In a Black Dahlia Veil)

Jimmy Vargas‘ original book MY SHADOW BRIDE, is in its second reprint, with an additional 25 chapters. The extended tome unveils the mystery of Elizabeth Short’s (the Black Dahlia), violent death in Hollywood seventy years ago, through the intercession of a San Francisco sorceress.

The Book is out now on….darkmoonpress.com


My Shadow Bride (In a Black Dahlia Veil)....Jimmy Vargas


Crooning SM ’58

With Peter Gage in the producers seat, and Tate Paul as engineer, Jimmy Vargas seances with the classic SM’58, laying vocal tracks on new original toons ‘Mohawk’ ‘Marilyn’ and ‘Noir’. Pix by Declan.JV SESSION 2 pic 2


Noir Town

Jimmy Vargas hit the studio putting down rhythm tracks on three new noir styled tracks. With Antero Ceschin on Drums, Scotty Leishman on Bass and Jimmy Vargas on Vocals and guitar. I -tunes release mooted for March 2018.Jimmy 2


Jimmy Vargas’ new installation. H.

Jimmy Vargas ghosted through downtown in the twilight hours last week, to shoot his forthcoming video-music-novella installation for 2018 entitled ‘H’ with new blonde musette Magdalena. Camera work weilded by filmographer Danny Havas.Jimmy Vargas & the Magdalene 'H'