‘TEMPLE OF LILY’… The Second Edition

Dark Moon Press release a reprint of the second novel in the Jimmy Vargas ‘My Shadow Bride’ series, entitled ‘TEMPLE OF LILY’ (REQUIEM). The extended book contains twenty five bonus chapters not included in the 2011 edition.

The novel is set in Los Angeles 1947, interweaving a fascinating narrative of a Hollywood crooner-racketeer Jimmy Vargas, and a refugee from war torn Florence, one Maria Salvez, during  the tumultuous era of the post war nineteen forties, who becomes a contracted star-icon with glitter gulch movie company Eagle Lion, through the machinations of a  WW2 hero priest ‘The Parachutin’ Padre’ to create his own catholic cult to offset the rise of Communism in the U.S.A.temple_lily


Crooning SM ’58

With Peter Gage in the producers seat, and Tate Paul as engineer, Jimmy Vargas seances with the classic SM’58, laying vocal tracks on new original toons ‘Mohawk’ ‘Marilyn’ and ‘Noir’. Pix by Declan.JV SESSION 2 pic 2


JIMMY VARGAS’ article “EDWARD HOPPERS GHOST DAUGHTER’ on Antpodean fine artist DIANE GALL is out this week in GLORY DAYS Vintage magazine’s HOLLYWOOD IssueGD PINUP. The Crooner discusses with Miss GALL, the melancholy tone of her work, her subtext of 50’s feminism that informs her creations and the urban isolation of post war Hollywood.

Article is on page 25.

Link is at:


V is for VARGAS

LILIANA SCARLATTA, muse of the combo JIMMY VARGAS and the BLACK DAHLIAS, is captured here in full aerial flight by Vogue fashion pixelator NYK SYKES, while the combo cranks out a louche groove below. The VARGAS-SCARLATTA act is gracing the steamy New Orleans style venue the VANGUARD, this Wednesday the 14th. The venue being selected by the pair as a perfect altar for the Jazz noir cabaret expositions of their act Black Dahlias. Special guests are pianist Michael Burokis and songbird Anastasia Kimberley.Lilliana and Jimmy-30 (2)

Black Dahlias back on the grind

JIMMY VARGAS reunites the original members of his noir combo the BLACK DAHLIAS and muse LILIANA SCARLATTA for a series of one-off gigs for mid 2014, kicking off an antipodean tour. First date  at the opulent velvet sin of the Victoria Room for an sexquisite evening of Hollywood Noir, sharing the bill with Baz Luhrmann and his Strictly Ballroom crew .10d. HGH HEELS BLACK STOCKINGS MAMBO