‘TEMPLE OF LILY’… The Second Edition

Dark Moon Press release a reprint of the second novel in the Jimmy Vargas ‘My Shadow Bride’ series, entitled ‘TEMPLE OF LILY’ (REQUIEM). The extended book contains twenty five bonus chapters not included in the 2011 edition.

The novel is set in Los Angeles 1947, interweaving a fascinating narrative of a Hollywood crooner-racketeer Jimmy Vargas, and a refugee from war torn Florence, one Maria Salvez, during  the tumultuous era of the post war nineteen forties, who becomes a contracted star-icon with glitter gulch movie company Eagle Lion, through the machinations of a  WW2 hero priest ‘The Parachutin’ Padre’ to create his own catholic cult to offset the rise of Communism in the U.S.A.temple_lily

The New Jimmy Vargas Book….TEMPLE OF LILY

DARK MOON PRESS issues the second tome of author-croonoir JIMMY VARGAS’ MY SHADOW BRIDE Series, entitled TEMPLE OF LILY.

Los Angeles 1947. 

A glitter gulch studio Eagle Lion Pictures. 

A paroled gangster turned movie producer Johnny Roselli.

His gofer Jimmy Vee. 

A World War 2 hero priest Father Ragland  at the head of his own Catholic Armitrix.

Maria Salvez...His enigmatic muse and icon of Florentinian occult order the Beatrice Novitiate. 



DIONYSUS RECORDS and the noir melancholic sounds of JIMMY VARGAS

JIMMY VARGAS & the BLACK DAHLIAS’ noir melancholic sounds have found a home in Hollywood label Dionysus Records jukebox.

A digital release of the four albums will be rolled out over the next year.

A Vinyl compilation will be released Fall 2013.


Shadow Bride Requiem  - 015