The H sessions

In the words of Black Dahlia’s producer Peter Gage, the combo’s latest session, appeared to be a gathering of three jazz monks and a diablo crooner. Vargas has brought back the original members of the Black Dahlias, to cut tracks for their final album, with the working title H. Pictured are, Tim Bruer (Piano) Alex Hewetson (Bass) Tim Bradley (drums) Vargas working the Sennheiser. Pix by Harrison and Vargas.dscn5037-3dscn4987-2dscn5032-3dscn5020-3


252339_10150313277518362_3563434_nAuthor / Filmmaker and Sculptor BRYAN MOORE gives a thumbs up to the JIMMY VARGAS burleycue tome STRIPTEASE IN NOIR, in his review in the December edition of Vintage Bible, GLORY DAYS.

A Teaser follows:

“What one may be lucky enough to find in the halo of cigarette smoke and red lipstick are the haunting words of one Jimmy Vargas, crooner of shattered dreams and lost opportunities from the hard game of the back alley speakeasies, the rented rooms of stag film pornographers and the dead-end alleys that are one-way tickets to the big dirtnap for those unlucky chumps daring to dream in dark waters. But, like they say in the windy city, “Falling in love with Chicago is like falling in love with a girl with a broken nose”.