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JIMMY VARGAS’ academic hink for all things Vintage is showcased on the latest article he has penned for the July edition of retro-active antipodean magazine GLORY DAYS.

Entitled “RAGTIME… A HISTORY”, celebrates RAG as the first real American art-form, as well as shining the spotlight on its’ numerous unacclaimed authors in an entertaining two page treatise.

VARGAS’ article is one of the many features of GLORY MAGAZINE’S forthcoming July 21st 2014 issue, which theme is devoted wholly to the era of the First World War, and the fashion and lifestyle of the first decade of the American century.

Available at :         http://www.glorydaysmagazine.com1406195570


About jimmyvargascroonoir

My name is JIMMY VARGAS. I'm a Racketeer and croonoir and self professed Vaud-e-villain, I am a lecturer in the arcane, the gnostic, and showbusiness I have appeared at numerous Cinematheque shows internationally giving talks on American noir and burlesque film. I also front a jazz noir combo the BLACK DAHLIAS. We have released seven albums in all. The newest 'DESOLACIONE' is due out March 2012. My first book "MY SHADOW BRIDE' (previously available on the multimedia dvd "REQUIEM FOR MY SHADOW BRIDE") will be available on Kindle in April 2012

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